Granado Espada

City of Auch

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29 m
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  Waypoint (D5)
Bounty Hunters Guild (F9)
  Reception Hall 1 (B5)
Thueringen Lakeside (G12)
Tower Guard (L5)
Villa de Libertad (J7)
  Alchemist, Elric (G5)
  Enchant Merchant, Ana (G6)
  Enhance Merchant, Rio (G6)
  Equipment Merchant, Robert (F5)
  Firearms Merchant, Lorch (G5)
  Item Dealer, Schlina (G5)
  Magic Equipment Merchant, Karjalainen (G5)
  Market Manager (F6)
  Mirjar Pioneer Merchant Union(City of Auch) (E4)
  Precious Metals Merchant, Rolax (G5)
  PvP Officer (F8)
  Socket Merchant, Claire (G6)
  Treasure Hunter (D6)
  Auch Deposit Officer (C5)
  Auch Soldier (H11)
  Backstreet Merchant, Bathra (K7)
  BeakHo (G10)
  Boy in Tunnel (G7)
  Costume Trader, Johanna (G5)
  Face, Character Name Change Assistant (D5)
  Faction Inventory Manager (D5)
  Federigo (I9)
  Gatekeeper (B4)
  Gigante game room helper (F8)
  Grutrude (G8)
  Guard, Innes (C5)
  Isabella the Cake Girl (G9)
  Leonardo Expreso (D5)
  Master, Guardian (D6)
  Old Man (E8)
  Old Woman (D4)
  Pioneer Officer (C5)
  Public Servant, Romingo (C5)
  Safehouse Guardian (G9)
  Supply Stocking Soldier (C5)
1  A girl looking around (E7)
2  Anvil for destruction (G6)
3  Backstreet Boy (J7)
4  Boy (F8, F5, H9)
5  Bullet Dispenser (G5)
6  Costume Collection Chest (G5)
7  Costume Exchanger (E5)
8  Enchant Chip Barter Merchant (I6)
9  Feso Merchant (C4)
A  Gatekeeper (B4, K6)
B  Girl (E8, F8, H8, H7)
C  Grandma Arcade Guide (F8)
D  Lumin Refinery (G6)
E  Lumin/Enchant Chip Exchanger (G6)
F  Man (E8)
G  Safehouse Guardian (G9)
H  Weapon Exchanger (D5)
I  Woman (F7)
J  Young Man (H9)
  [Back Alley Poor Support] Ork's Request to Collect the Yellow Book (H9)
  [Freedom] Friede's guerilla concert : Failed (C5)
  [Grandies] Pioneer Grandies - Grandma Arcade (F8)
  [Hunter Association Member Cruise] Embarrassed Cruise (L5)
  [Merchant Union] SCHIFF Hotel Advertisement Part Time Job (E9)
  [Quest] Confined Hellena (G9)
  [Quest] Dealing with Fence (K7)
  [Quest] Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers! (J7)
  [Quest] For Love (H8)
  [Quest] Infantry is in danger (3) (H9)
  [Quest] Infantry is in danger (4) (H8)
  [Quest] Infantry is in danger (5) (E8)
  [Quest] Life is short (G6)
  [Quest] Lumin Catalyst Powder Obtain Quest (G6)
  [Quest] Medicine of Derrick (G5)
  [Quest] Negotiation (J7)
  [Quest] Road to Independence [1] (H10)
  [Quest] Road to Independence [2] (G7)
  [Quest] SCHIFF Hotel Advertisement (E9)
  [Quest] The Watch (E7)
  [Quest] Valuable Stone (G5)
  • Vyshegrad - Valse d'Auch — Kubota Osamu