Granado Espada


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37 m
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  Waypoint (H3)
Bedel Plain (G11)
  Enchant Merchant, Ana (F6)
  Enhance Merchant, Vollard (E7)
  Item Dealer, Monica (F8)
  Market Manager (F8)
  Precious Metals Merchant, Rolax (E7)
  Socket Merchant, Rachel (F6)
  Weapon/Armor Merchant, Robert (E7)
  Aide of Baron Laurenz, Haro (C4)
  Aide of Baron Marcelle, Palles (I3)
  Aide of Baron Medici, Douglas (J3)
  Aide of Baron Pabluechenk, Ethlen (I3)
  Aide of Baron Pey, Lancy (I5)
  Aide of Commander Edward, Diobo (D5)
  Aide of Count Arrozas, Merjourah (C4)
  Aide of Count Vasellane, Abelle (I3)
  Aide of Duke Parma, Derdoah (C4)
  Aide of Marquis Haystings, Thomas (J3)
  Aide of Marquis Herberthe, Walter (D3)
  Aide of Marquis Scarlet, Marco (I3)
  Aide of Marquis Shausen, Bacilian (D3)
  Aide of Premier Viscount Wartus, Delphia (D5)
  Amy Shausen, the Military Action officer. (D3)
  Arpe Valeron (C3)
  Bedel Training Controller (G8)
  Costume Trader, Johanna (F6)
  Dietrich (C5)
  Illier Central Command, Corporal Aris (J4)
  Illier Soldier (J4)
  Land Meister, Verttof (E10)
  Leona Vernier (D2)
  Leonardo Expreso (F8)
  Lynn Herberthe (D2)
  Master, Guardian (F3)
  Mid. Ichel, the supplying officer. (D3)
  Mobilization Officer, Master Sergean Xenon (I4)
  Monblant Bedel (F3)
  Personnel officer, Captain Carlos (G3)
  Rapien (G11)
  Royal Road Controller, Noncom Kaius (E4)
  Royal Road Controller, Noncom Kashiyas (E4)
  Secret Officer, Lieutenant Mille (D3)
  Supplying officer, Lieutenant Juriel (E7)
  The Captain, Boltima (D3)
1  Anvil for destruction (E7)
2  Bedel Vanguard, Lance Corporal Antonio (G4)
3  Bedel Vanguard, Lance Corporal Robert (G4)
4  Bedel Vanguard, Mid. Alex (F4)
5  Bedel Vanguard, Noncom Apram (G4)
6  Bedel Vanguard, Noncom Frazy (F4)
7  Bedel Vanguard, Noncom Peter (G4)
8  Bedel Vanguard, Sergeant Anton (F11)
9  Bedel Vanguard, Sergeant Daniel (G11)
A  Bedel Vanguard, Sergeant Ferdinand (F4)
B  Bullet Dispenser (F8)
C  Costume Collection Chest (F6)
D  Daisy (F9)
E  Diena de Medici (F11)
F  Donald (H9)
G  Esof (E11)
H  Hacci (F11)
I  Hausmeister, Zen (E10)
J  Illier Central Command (E10, E8, E7, E8, G10, H8)
K  Isabelle (F10)
L  James (G11)
M  Kael (G8)
N  Katherine (G9)
O  Lumin Refinery (F6)
P  Lumin/Enchant Chip Exchanger (F6)
Q  Military Action Secretary, Lance Corporal Simon (D3)
R  Miranda (G7)
S  Mobilization Secretary, Corporal Bacarell (I4)
T  Personnel Secretary, Soldier Bellmas (G3)
U  Raymie (F11)
V  Royal Road Executive Officer, Master Sergean Cervantes (B4)
W  Royal Road Officer, Mid. Tabarkopf (C4)
X  Secret Secretary, Soldier Naze (D3)
Y  Supply Secretary, Corporal Darma (F7)
Z  Zanne (F9)
  [Dice has been thrown] Flame of Civil War (G11)
  [Ecliptic, Illisia] Illisia Falling (G10)
  [Noblesse Oblige] The Conspiracy of Bedel (H4)
  [Operator] The Fellow Soldier (C4)
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