Granado Espada

Bahamar, Altar of Heaven (Level 145-145)

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30 m
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Bahamar, Forest of Prophet (G10)
  [Altar of heaven] The Truth of the Five Elements (G10)
  [Guardian of Forest, Nena] Sierra's work (E6)
  [Quest] Legacy of Vigilar (F3, G6)
  [Resurrection of Orden] Messenger of the Fallen Star (F4)
  [Resurrection of Orden] Rich History (F4)
  [The Last of Jurgen] To Snowfield of the Ice Wizard (G7)
 ♦  Divino (F4)
  • Jeremy — S.F.A
  • Liesberato — S.F.A
  • Para Variar — S.F.A

MEDIUMCreatureLevel 145 Divino (Boss)

Light Armor
No Attribute
HP: 184 966 816
EXP: 52 680 000
SPD: 244
ATK Range: 5m
Hits per attack: 1
Sees invisible
Knockback proof
ATK: 34 303
A.R.: 75
DEF: 288
D.R.: 75
Fire RES: 60
Ice RES: 60
Lightning RES: 60
Mental RES: 60
Abnormal State RES: 50
IMM: 90
Magic DEF: -10%
Martial DEF: -10%
Melee DEF: -10%
Shooting DEF: -10%
Skill List: Divine Punishment
Respawns after
Maximum population 1 (100.0%)

Drop Summary (does not include all boss drops)

Monster (Max Quantity / Kills)
it_e_forestpiece The Fragment of Forest Divino (100 / 2)