Granado Espada

Castilla, Base 1

Castilla, Base 1 map image
16 m
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  Base Transfer Warp Gate (H8)
  Waypoint (G7)
Castilla, Mine (H3)
  Enchantment Merchant, Ana (G2)
  Enhancement Merchant, Ply (G2)
  Equipment Merchant, Robert (E3)
  Firearms Merchant, Pestina (F3)
  Item Dealer, Billy (E3)
  Magic Tools Merchant, Rogge (F3)
  Market Manager (G3)
  Precious Metals Merchant, Rolax (E3)
  Socket Merchant, Rachel (F2)
  The Notice Board (H8)
  Adriana (E9)
  Ancient Castilla, Temple (I10)
  Ancient Relic Exchanger (E2)
  Castilla Deposit Manager (E9)
  Costume Trader, Johanna (G9)
  Cruise (F2)
  Elisa (H9)
  Leonardo Expreso (G9)
  Luciano (H3)
  Master, Guardian (E9)
  Sofia (G9)
  Viviana (F8)
1  Bullet Dispenser (E2)
2  Costume Collection Chest (G9)
3  Destruct Anvil (G2)
4  Rumin Refinery (G2)
5  Rumin/Enchantment Chip Exchanger (G2)
6  The 2nd Fleet Soldier, Heva (H3)
7  The 2nd Fleet Soldier, Jude (H10)
8  The 2nd Fleet Soldier, Kasia (G10)
9  The 2nd Fleet Soldier, Mallo (E9)
A  The 2nd Fleet Soldier, Marsia (E9)
B  The 2nd Fleet Soldier, Navid (D10)
C  The 2nd Fleet Soldier, Nill (H4)
D  The 2nd Fleet Soldier, Palloma (D10)
E  The 2nd Fleet Soldier, Yirina (I3)
  [Castilla Episode 1] Ancient Relic (H3)
  [Castilla Episode 1] Chaos Magician (H3)
  [Castilla Episode 1] Exploration Interrupter (H3)
  [Castilla Episode 1] Reckless Golem2 (H3)
  [Castilla Episode 1] Revenge (H3)
  [Castilla Episode 1] Two Hearts (H3)
  [Catching Up Senior Pioneer Family] Things that I can do (1) (E9)
  [Freedom] Friede's Concert Promotion (F3)
  [Judgement Day] Seal Ointment (1) (I10)
  [Treasure Map] Find for treasure (E2)
  • The Beach Shade — S.F.A