Granado Espada


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14 m
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  Waypoint (F5)
Errac, Land of Day (B7)
Errac, Land of Night (J5)
Reboldoeux Culverts (Lv. 107 and above) (B5)
  Destruct Anvil (G5)
  Enchantment Merchant, Ana (H5)
  Enhancement Merchant, Ply (G5)
  Market Manager (G5)
  Precious Metals Merchant, Avena (G6)
  Socket Merchant, Rachel (H5)
  Tool Shop Girl (G6)
  Weapon/Armor Merchant, Robert (G6)
  Captain (F3)
  Costume Trader, Johanna (F6)
  Early Entrance Guardian (C5)
  Eastside Guardian (I5)
  Errac Deposit Manager (E5)
  Guard, Mohawk (F5)
  Leonardo Expreso (G5)
  Master, Guardian (E5)
  Queen Hamaan (F3)
  Soldier in charge of hunting (F3)
  Town Folks (I2)
  Warrior Ania (H9)
  Warrior Nar (F3)
  Westside Guardian (B7)
1  Bullet Dispenser (G6)
2  Costume Collection Chest (F6)
3  Errac Corn (I3, J3)
4  Rumin Refinery (H5)
5  Rumin/Enchantment Chip Exchanger (H5)
6  Scarecrow (I3)
  [Quest] Secret Conversation - Stratavista (I7)
  [Quest] Unfinished Musical Note (H9)
  • Paradiso — SoundTeMP