Granado Espada

Thueringen Lakeside

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37 m
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City of Auch (F5)
Deserted Quay of Porto Bello (Lv. 63 and above) (K10)
El Lago de Tres Hermanas (Lv. 69 and above) (E10)
El Tejado Verde (Lv. 77 and above) (G10)
Thueringenwald (Lv. 65 and above) (A6)
  Ancient Blessing Statue (E5)
  [Clique Battle Royalist Party] Attack Base Camp. (F4)
  [Quest] Infantry is in danger (6) (E4)
  [Quest] Infantry is in danger (7) (E4)
  [Quest] The Last Farewell (C6)
  • Violin of the Death — S.F.A