Granado Espada

Coimbra Nimrod Bridge

Coimbra Nimrod Bridge map image
24 m
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Garden of the King (Lv. 24 and above) (E12)
Jezebel Glen (Lv. 45 and above) (F7)
Tetra Hill (Lv. 28 and above) (C10)
The Port of Coimbra (I2)
  Ancient Blessing Statue (I5)
  Coimbra Mercenary (I5)
  Individual Raid Mission Entrance Guard (I5)
  Ivan Popovichi (J9)
  Squad Raid Mission Entrance Guard (I8)
  Elements Mission Gatekeeper (I5)
  [A Red Rose Petal] Rage of the Rose (I2)
  [Quest] Deporting Viscount Montoro to Vespanola (2) (I5)
  [Quest] Importance of family (K6)
  [Quest] Stop the revenge!(6) (K6)
  [Quest] The Revenge of Adelina 1 - Oath Before the Graves (K6)
  [Quest] The Revenge of Adelina 6 - A Grave Finale (K6)
  [Quest] The journey for revenge - part 2!! The final chapter!!!(3) (K6)
  [Quest] Way of Confession (I5)
  [The Resurrection of Orden] The Ancient History (I8)
  • Rosa Rosado — SoundTeMP