Granado Espada

Lucifer Castle, Entrance

Lucifer Castle, Entrance map image
24 m
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Lucifer Castle, Basement Laboratory (H3)
Lucifer, Secret Garden (D4)
Viron, Crow Forest (G11)
  Alchemist Morassi (G3)
  Grandies (H3)
  Lonely Muskeeter (H4)
  Lyn (E5)
  Punitive Force Chief Ed (G3)
  Reception Hall Guide (G4)
  Scout Digdoa (G3)
  Scout Pendans (G3)
  Scout Runaf (G3)
1  Wooden Box (I5)
  [Devil Returns] Dark Knight (H7)
  [Lucifer Castle] Experiment Object (H3)
  [Lucifer Castle] Investigate Lucifer Castle Entrance (D5)
  [Lucifer Castle] Lucifer, access way. (G3)
  [Misfortune of the Cortes] Investigate an empty house 1 (H3)
  [New Era] Man Who Connects Hearts (1) (E4)
  [New Era] Stragglers (H7)
  • Blanco del Ojo — S.F.A