Granado Espada

Gate of the Reboldoeux Queen

Gate of the Reboldoeux Queen map image
23 m
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Cite de Reboldoeux (G4)
Reboldoeux Culverts (D2)
The Reboldoeux Stone Pit (Lv. 4 and above) (F12)
The Rion Plain (Level 62 and above) (H12)
  Ancient Blessing Statue (G9)
  Angie Mackenzie (F9)
  Culvert Gatekeeper (C2)
  Gatekeeper (F11)
  Girl (F11)
  Ramiro, The Adventurer (F11)
  Soldier of Reboldoeux in Disguise (E3)
  [Clique Battle Republican Party] Attack Base Camp. (G8)
  [Quest] Ability verification test (D2)
  [Quest] Culverts Discovered (D2)
  [Quest] Easter Egg [3] (F11)
  [Quest] Search The Sewers (D2)
  [Request] Local Products War (F11)
  [The Forest Guardian, Nena] Advice (F11)
  • Supercooled Girl — SoundTeMP