Granado Espada

Cite de Reboldoeux

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37 m
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  Waypoint (G7)
Gate of the Reboldoeux Queen (E11)
Reception Hall (E3)
  Reception Hall 1 (D4)
The Reboldoeux Stone Pit (Lv. 4 and above) (J4)
  Blacksmith, Smith (E6)
  Enchantment Merchant, Ana (E7)
  Enhancement Merchant, Idge (E6)
  Equipment Merchant, Claude Baudez (D6)
  Firearms Merchant, Sharif (D7)
  Item Dealer, Jessica (D6)
  Magic Tools Merchant, Rogie (D6)
  Market Manager (E6)
  Mirzar Pioneering Merchant (Reboldoeux Branch) (G7)
  Precious Metals Merchant, Rolax (D6)
  PvP Officer (F4)
  Socket Merchant, Rachel (E7)
  The Notice Board (G6)
  Treasure Hunter (D9)
  Andre Janzur (D8)
  Assistant of Karin, Teresia (G7)
  Bahia game room helper (F4)
  Brunie Etienne (G5)
  Charmant Leona (F4)
  Chateau de Bourgogne Gatekeeper (D2)
  Costume Trader, Johanna (D8)
  Diego the Carpenter (F8)
  Domingo (E8)
  Eusebio (F8)
  Face, Character Name Change Assistant (G6)
  Financier, Monei (H7)
  Guard, Ester (H7)
  Leonardo Expreso (G7)
  Master, Guardian (H6)
  Panfilo de Narvaez (E10)
  Pet Expert, Ruffino (H7)
  Pioneering Officer (G7)
  Reboldoeux Deposit Manager (H6)
  Reboldoeux Investigation Team (H7)
  Sir Lyndon (H7)
  Supply Stocking Soldier (G7)
  Vera (D9)
1  Boy (D4, F5, F4, G8, H6)
2  Bullet Dispenser (D6)
3  Christmas Tree (G4, H7)
4  Costume Collection Chest (D8)
5  Costume Ticket Exchange (D6)
6  Destruct Anvil (E6)
7  Enchantment Chip Barter Merchant (E6)
8  Girl (D8, E10, F4, F8, F4, F6, G5)
9  Man (D8, E4)
A  Menedez (H7)
B  Portable Cooking Caldron (E10)
C  Rumin Refinery (E6)
D  Rumin/Enchantment Chip Exchanger (E7)
E  Scholar (E10)
F  Secret Admirer of Panfilo (E10)
G  Tourist from Coimbra (D8, F4)
H  Weapon Ticket Exchange (G7)
I  Woman (D8, F4, G8)
  [Back Alley Poor] Ork's Request to Collect the Yellow Book (G8)
  [Event] Extinction of Nightmare (H7)
  [Event] Nightmare of Abyss (H7)
  [Event] The Girls' Chatter (F4, G4)
  [Event] Torment of Sirius (H7)
  [Merchants Union] SCHIFF Hotel Advertisement Part Time Job (E2)
  [Pioneering Merchant] Introduction of Details (G7)
  [Pioneering Merchant] The Three Pioneering Merchants (G7)
  [Quest] Advice on the menu (E10)
  [Quest] Arsene Circus Troupe Investigation 2 (D8, E2)
  [Quest] Boy and Golem (D4, E10, F5, F6, G5, G8, H6)
  [Quest] Certificate of Construction (E8)
  [Quest] Find easily acquired ingredients (E10)
  [Quest] I am disciple of Claude Baudez (Unused) (D6)
  [Quest] In the hands of the scholar (E9)
  [Quest] Lost Relic of Toubkal - The Antiquities Chamber (G5)
  [Quest] Lost Treasure in New Continent (G5)
  [Quest] New Continent Monster Research Society[1] (G7)
  [Quest] New Continent Monster Research Society[2] (G7)
  [Quest] SCHIFF Hotel Advertisement (E2)
  [Quest] Suggestion of a Disciple (D6)
  [Quest] Supply Stocking War (G7)
  [Quest] Test of Claude Baudez (D6)
  [Quest] The Path of a Warrior to Honour: A Bull Amidst the Storm (E11)
  [Quest] The Path of a Warrior to Humility 1: The Battle of 100 (H7)
  [Quest] The Revenge of Adelina 4 - The Resurrection (E11)
  [Quest] Viki on the Plateau (F8)
  [Request] Sweet Apple Pie Collecting (E10)
  [Request] Tasty Meat Dish Collecting (E10)
  [Romantic Fighter] Love in Reboldoeux (D8)
  [Stone Pit Manager Jack] When Urgent Money is Needed(2) (G6)
  • Rudolph the rein deer — S.F.A
  • White_Christmas — S.F.A