Granado Espada

Status Descriptions

Agony [Agony] Decreases Movement Speed and continuously decreases HP.
Air Strike Ready [Air Strike Ready]
Ambush Order [Ambush Order] Orders an ambush operation.
Anxiety [Anxiety] Attack and skill use will be unavailable for a while and PC will be moved somewhere.
Appassionato [Appassionato] Solemn music weakens combat ability by leading enemies down the road of death.
Armor Crasher [Armor Crasher] DEF of Target is reduced to 0 for 20 Seconds.
Armor Destruction [Armor Destruction] Decreases Movement Speed and DEF. PCs' DEF Rating will decrease once it overlaps 3 times.
Arxon [Arxon] Decreases Movement Speed and limits using of items.
Awakening [Awakening]
Bingma [Bingma] Target is immobilized for 10 Seconds, and Lightning RES is greatly reduced.
Bleeding [Bleeding] HP decreased during the time.
Blessing of Gold [Blessing of Gold] Increases ATK, Penetration, and ATK Rating.
Blockade [Blockade] Decreases Movement Speed and skill usage is limited.
Blood Curse [Blood Curse] Decreases HP/SP, DEF, and Movement Speed for a limited period of time.
Blood Revenge [Blood Revenge] ATK will be increased based on the amount of bloodshed.
Bloody Banquet [Bloody Banquet] When you succeed in a skill attack within a given time, your ATK becomes stronger.
Bloody Bracelet [Bloody Bracelet] Increases Block and Immunity.
Bloody Salute [Bloody Salute] Becomes vulnerable to melee attacks.
Bloody Sword [Bloody Sword] Increases ATK and Penetration.
Blue Sepia [Blue Sepia]
Broken Weapon [Broken Weapon] Decrease weapon capacity.
Burn [Burn] ATK of target and skill use are restricted for 10 Seconds, and Maximum HP drops by 25%
Camouflage [Camouflage] Reduces the damage caused by magic attacks. Skills and items are available, but movement speed will be slowed. Effects disappear when your stance changes, or when you receive ranged attacks.
Chain of Gold [Gold Combustion] Using flames created by alchemy, deals continuous damage and decreases movement speed.
Charging Lightning [[Charging Lightning] Increases Lightning ATK and Lightning Penetration.]
Chromatic [Chromatic] You will be able to play intense music better.
Cleaning [Cleaning] She is cleaning up the target.
Cold Wave [Cold Wave] ATK Speed and Movement Speed are reduced. If target is a Summoned Item, ATK and ATK Speed are reduced.
Confession [Confession] Strengthens RES depending on enemy's armor types.
Confusion [Confusion] SP is not regenerated for a limited period of time, and skill use is disabled.
Cooling [Cooling] Grants an ice attribute to blunt weapon.
Corrosion [Corrosion] Movement Speed is decreased for a limited time, and receives additional damage according to your Max HP.
CounterAttack [Counterattack] Your skill can be stronger by using a specialized skill when you prevented or avoided the attack of enemy.
Counterattack [Counterattack] Rapidly increases DEF Rating for 30 seconds, delivering double damage when you use counterattack attribute skills. Cancelled when your counterattack succeeds.
Crescent Curse [Crescent Curse] Movement Speed is decreased for a while, and SP is decreased fast.
Curse [Curse] Target receives triple damage for a certain period of time.
Curse of Doll [Curse of Doll]
Dark Bleeding [Dark Bleeding] HP is decreased continuously for the duration.
Darkness [Darkness] Sight becomes narrow for a while.
Death Sentence [Death Sentence] Sentences his targets and obstructors to death.
Decay [Decay] Receives unique damage which DEF and RES are ignored by enemy PC's attack.
Deep Cut [Deep Cut] Mortally wounded by an invisible blade. HP is continuously decreased and Dietrich's skills are strengthened.
Deep Sleep [Deep Sleep] Falls asleep for a limited period of time. Status is canceled when gets attack.
Destruido [Destruido] Increases normal ATK by 1.5 times and strengthen skill ATK once.
Detect Invisible [Detect Invisible] Detects all enemies hiding nearby.
Dice of Death [Dice of Death] ATK Rating, DEF Rating, ATK, DEF and Accuracy are decreased.
Disturbance [Disturbance] Decreases Accuracy by 30 for the duration and increases Casting Time by 30% additionally in case of PC.
Drain [Drain] Proportionate to the maximum constituition, HP has continuously dropped and item usage not allowed.
Drunken [Drunken] ATK, Critical Rate and Move Speed increases.
Dyna [Dyna] Decreases Movement Speed.
Electric Shock [Electric Shock] Movement Speed of target drops by half for 10 Seconds and attacks of enemy ignore DEF of target.
Electronic Field [Electronic Field] Decreases DEF and Movement Speed.
Elemental Spirits [Elemental Spirits] Gathers elemental energies to strengthen spells. This is cancelled by stance change.
Enervation [Enervation] Reduces ATK, ATK Speed and Movement Speed by 50% and reduces HP by 30%. You cannot regenerate HP.
Entangle [Entangle] Target is trapped on the ground for a limited amount of time. Decreases HP continually.
Excited! [Excited!] Increases offensive abilities.
Expose [Expose] Additional damage to every shooting ATK.
Extraction [Extraction] Decreases Movement Speed and DEF. Wildlife monsters drop food ingredients stochastically once they get defeated.
Fear [Fear] Ability to attack enemies and use skills is negated for a certain amount of time.
Fragrance [Fragrance] Improves skills in proportion to the buff level.
Freedom of Soul [Freedom of Soul] Freedom of Soul will be endowed .
Freeze [Freeze] Target is immobilized for 10 Seconds, and Lightning RES is greatly reduced. Getting knocked down will disrupt this effect.
Freezing [Freezing] Target immobilized and all RES decreased.
Frostbite [Frostbite] Decreases ATK Speed and increases Casting Time.
Fuego [Fuego] Invokes an additional effect upon skill use.
FullMoon [FullMoon] Increases DEF and Evasion.
Furious [Furious] Increases Physical ability.
Gelid [Gelid] Due to Ice Block, her body cools down and her offensive abilities are improved.
Gloomy Present [Gloomy Present] Makes the range of the vision narrow, and decreases the Movement Speed.
Gravitation [Gravitation] Decreases Monvement Speed and DEF.
Hailbreak [Hailbreak] DEF is decreased, and cannot be moved for a certain of time.
Hare Dance [Hare Dance] Hare's lousy dance highly decreases ATK, Movement Speed, and Lightning RES.
Hiding [Hiding] reduces Movement Speed and DEF, ATK increased.
Hold [Hold] You cannot move.
Holy [Holy] Increases DEF due to the divine power.
Holy Mark [Holy Mark] This decreases ATK and Movement Speed, but increases Casting Time. Furthermore, this strengthens the following skills that Laura performs, but ATK toward monster decreases.
Hound [Hound] ATK and Critical are increased for a limited amount of time.
Ice Aura [Ice Aura] Increases Ice Penetration.
Ice Block [Ice Block] Becomes invincible for a while.
Identified [Identified] Jane uncovers a target's specialty and habit. This decreases the target's DEF and incurs damage depending on the level when Jane attacks. The skill also decreases the target's attack accuracy against Jane.
Improve Disease [Improve Disease] Move and skill use are not available for a limited period of time. RES, Blocking, Evasion are decreased to the maximum, but DEF is increased.
Improved Curse [Improved Curse] You cannot do any actions, and you get doubled damage in its duration.
Improved Pierced Wound [Pierced Wound] Decrease HP continuously.
Inverse Wave [Inverse Wave] Decreases Move Speed depending on the DEF type.
Inviality [Inviality] Using the dark magic power, hide yourself from the enemies for a penalty. Effect ends when you change your stance, use a skill, or get a skill attack.
Invisible [Invisible] You are not visible to enemies.
Joker [Joker] Restricts item use and decreases movement speed for a while.
Karma [Karma] Strengthens himself and sentences his attackers to death.
Latane [Latane] The next attack of Kael ignores Immunity as much as AGI.
Lightning Charge [Lightning Charge] Gives lightning attribute on weapon.
Lightning Dispel [Lightning Dispel] Lightning RES decreases and PC's buff is lifted when it is overlapped 3 times.
Long Breathing [Long Breathing] Aim the target with a thin and long breathing.
Love [Love] Your HP and SP increases continuously due to your sweet romantic Love.
Machina Control [Machina Control] Detects magical power nearby. He absorbs detected magical power as his and delivers more powerful attacks.
Madness of Seinquis [Madness of Seinquis] Highly increases the abilities of the Seinquis sisters.
Magazine [Magazine] Indicates the number of bullets loaded.
Magic Barrier [Magic Barrier] Target is protected by a barrier that nullifies hostile magic attacks.
Magic Counterattack [Magic Counterattack] In case you have ignored enemy's magical skills by using Ropera buff, the following skill damage is increased by 100%.
Magic Detection Bomb [Lightning Bomb] A lightning bomb that summons a huge gust has been installed. Movement Speed will sharply decrease.
Magical Break [Magical Break] Decreases all Magical RES.
Magical Piercing [Magical Piercing] Reduces Fire, Ice, Lightening and Mental RES for a specific time.
Marking [Marking] Marks enemy's vital points. It increases shooting attack damage and if a target is PC, the following attack is applied as Critical.
Mediation [Mediation] Mediates physical interference between him and enemies using the divine power.
Melee Trigger [Melee Trigger] Increases STR, HP, and Accuracy.
Melt Armor [Melt Armor] Decreases armor capacity of enemy.
Melt Weapon [Melt Weapon] Decreases weapon capacity of enemy.
Mensa [Mensa] Increases Max HP according to INT stats
Might [Might] Covers a body with spirits to lessen damage.
Mortal Wound [Mortal Wound] Reduces ATK, ATK Speed and Move Speed by 15% and reduces DEF by 50%
Movement Disable [Movement Disable] Movement is restricted.
My Way [My Way] Increases skill ATK, Penetration, and DEF Negation while decreasing Casting Time.
Oppression [Oppression] DEF decreases and movement becomes restricted.
Overheating [Overheating] Ignores 1% DEF per every 4 levels.
Panic [Panic] Reduces all SP for a specific time and unable to take action during Panic.
Paralysis [Paralysis] Target is immobilized, and Evasion and Block drop to 0 for duration time.
Penetration [Penetration]
Petrify [Petrify] For a certain period of time, characters are immobilized and all actions are disabled, but DEF increases. This effect is nullified when characters are knocked down.
Physical Break [Physical Break] Decreases DEF.
Pierced Wound [Pierced Wound] Decrease HP continuously.
Poison [Poison] ATK of target drops by half, and Maximum HP is lowered by 25% for 15 Seconds.
Poison of Uraeus [Poison of Uraeus] Reduces ATK level, Blocking rate and DEF for 5 minutes.
Powerful Stun [Powerful Stun] Target immobilized
Preparation [Preparation] Accumulates fixed amount of attacked damage.
Preparedness [Preparedness] Increases offensive abilities.
Prophecy [Prophecy] DEF increased, disabled. HP decreased continually for a while.
Protection [Protection Field] Increases DEF for a certain period of time.
Protection Order [Protection Order] Orders a protection in battlefield.
Protection of Ravol [Protection of Ravol] Increases ATK while highly decreasing damage from melee attacks.
Quarry [Quarry] A target receives increased damage from Cecile as well as concentrated attack from Grey.
Rage [Rage] Increases revenge damage based on the received damage amount in rage status.
Raid Order [Raid Order] Orders a raid to occupy a targeted battlefield.
Reasoning [Reasoning] Derives the best conclusion from observations of the surroundings.
Red Sepia [Red Sepia]
Red Virgo [Red Virgo] Shoots a bullet full of holy energy.
Reiz [Reiz] Shares combat experiences.
Requiem [Requiem] One who loses the zest for life, loses all will to fight.
Rev Dance [Rev Dance] Rev's lousy dance moves highly decrease ATK and Mental RES while highly increasing Casting Time.
Reverse [Oppression] DEF decreases and movement becomes restricted.
Ritardi [Ritardi] ATK Speed and Movement Speed are decreased for a certain period of time.
Root of Restriction [Root of Restriction] It holds enemy and decreases HP of enemy continuously.
Ropera [Ropera] Defends against magical and debuff attacks while increasing Fire RES, Ice RES, Lightning RES, AStat RES, and DEF.
Sand Storm [Sand Storm] Decreases Accuracy with a sandstorm and cannot move. Air character will fall to the ground.
Scald [Scald] DEF rating -2, and limits skill and potion usage.
Shackles [Shackles] Increases Casting Speed, movement and DEF decreased. Reduces SP for a while.
Shock [Electric Shock] Movement Speed of target drops by half for 10 Seconds and attacks of enemy ignore DEF of target.
Shoot Trigger [Shoot Trigger] Increases DEX, AGI, and Critical.
Short Breathing [Short Breathing] Increases the time gap between the shooting with short breathing.
Show Time! [Show Time!] Attack value is inreased according to the number of audience.
Siege Start [Siege Start] This searches colonies under siege. The damage of Castle Crusher decreases but the damage of Valkyries Crasher increases highly.
Sight Block [Sight Block] Sight is blocked by Smoke Screen. Accuracy and Movement Speed are heavily decreased.
Silence [Quietude] This causes a change in stats.
Silent Move [Silent Move] Will not receive any physical attacks from enemy.
Skill Standby [Standby] Invisible is cancelled and Standby mode is applied. Skill use and attacks are restricted for 3 seconds.
Slayer [Slayer] Increases ATK, also Vanessa's Physical Penetration.
Sleep [Sleep] Target is immobilized, and Evasion and Blocking drop to 0 for a limited period of time. Status canceled when damaged.
Slow [Slow] Movement Speed is reduced. If target is a monster, ATK and ATK Speed are reduced.
Stun [Stun] Target is immobilized, and Evasion and Block drop to 0 for 10 seconds and decreases DEF by 50.
Suppression [Suppression] She is suppressing enemies who are disturbing her cleaning.
Tease [Stun] All actions become disabled and all defensive abilities are decreased for 15 seconds.
Third Eye [Third Eye] Uses DEF of enemy by reading the enemy's weakness with the mind's eye.
Venom [Venom] Decreases Movement Speed and DEF. Reduces HP continuously for a while.
Voidness [Voidness] HP and SP are decreased and items cannot be used for the duration.
Wall of Quran [Wall of Quran]
Web [Web] Brings a character down to the ground and traps him within a web of a spider.
Whole Cancellation [Whole Cancellation] Cancels buffs.
Wild Sense [Wild Sense] Increases Accuracy by 10, Physical Penetration by 10 and ATK Rating by 1 if there is Grey nearby.
Will of Battle Cook [Will of Battle Cook] The warriors, who are fighting for their lives at the front line, are full of determination. This buff decreases damage from all attacks but ATK weakens.
Wound Aggravation [Wound Aggravation] The wound has been aggravated due to the curse of Gaebolg. HP is decreased continuously while Gaebolg is improved.